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Doris Lussier

Doris Lussier (Gaby photo)
Doris Lussier as Father Gédéon, August 1968,
Photo Gaby (Gabriel Desmarais).
Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec (BANQ) P795,S1,D15340

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Doris Lussier (known as Père Gédéon), (born Pierre Dorice René Lussier on July 15, 1918, died October 28, 1993, age 75) was a writer and humorist from Fontainebleau (merged with Weedon in 1997), in the Eastern Townships of Quebec.

He was born on a farm, the son of Donat Lussier, a day laborer, and Rose-de-Lima Picard. His father died on February 19, 1922, when he was not yet four years old. He had six when his mother remarried on June 11, 1925 in Stratford-Centre, where she married Elzéar Perreault, a farmer, and the family moved to Lambton, in the Eastern Townships. After finishing grade school, his attended highschool as a boarder at the ‘Séminaire de Québec’. He went on to study social sciences at ‘Université Laval’. The school was under the guidance of its famous founder and mentor, Dominican Father Georges-Henri Lévesque. After graduating, Lussier became a professor of political science. He was also the Dean’s personal secretary for 12 years.

In 1940, he sided with Marshal Pétain and the Vichy regime, against the advice of Cardinal Villeneuve. [ref. needed].

He created his character of an old farmer named Gédéon in 1953, somewhat for laughs. Author Roger Lemelin, a friend, decided to incorporate this character into his famous TV series The Plouffe Family. Father Gédéon’s on-air baptism took place on December 2, 1954.

In addition to her artistic side, Doris Lussier made a name for herself through her involvement with René Lévesque in the Parti québécois sovereignty movement in the 1970s and 1980s. It was he who introduced him to the crowd when the Parti Québécois first took power in 1976.

He died at Montreal’s Notre-Dame Hospital on October 28, 1993, after suffering from generalized cancer.

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