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Interesting links
in genealogy and history

Founded on March 15, 1984, the ‘Fédération québécoise des sociétés de généalogie (FQSG)’ is a non-profit organization representing local and regional genealogical societies. Its aim is to promote and develop genealogy in Quebec, and its influence abroad.

Directory of deeds of French and foreign emigrants established in Quebec from the origins to 1865.

The Company’s mission is to :
– share family history;
– promote and develop genealogical research;
– promote the preservation of genealogical documents.

The ‘Société de généalogie de Québec’ is a non-profit organization founded on October 27, 1961, to bring together people interested in promoting research into the family histories of ancestors and spreading genealogical knowledge.

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The mission of the ‘Fédération Histoire Québec’ is to bring together social players in the field of Quebec history and heritage. It promotes local, regional and national history, as well as other aspects of cultural heritage. The Federation supports its members through its actions and representations, while promoting their activities.

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The ‘Société d’histoire de Varennes’ is a non-profit corporation incorporated on November 22, 2006, to promote research into the history of Varennes, and to inform and interest the public in its history. Preserve as an archive all documents collected during its term of office.